Learn about Project MAINSAIL.

Project MAINSAIL (M.A. degree Interdisciplinary preparatioN for Speech-language And early Intervention Leaders) is an interdisciplinary program for 16 early childhood special educators (ECSE) and 16 speech-language pathologists (SLP) with a focus on children with significant autism who are dual language learners. ECSEs will graduate with a Professional Clear Education Specialist credential and SLPs with a Speech-language Pathology Services Credential both enabling work in schools, and a to be developed SDSU Certificate in Social Communication and Autism.

The project also will initiate an innovative mentoring program for 10 trainees designed in collaboration with school districts and early intervention agencies in the region. The competencies will be embedded throughout the project and include:

a) Use of data for assessment with a focus of progress monitoring and decision making

b) Identification and implementation of evidence-based interventions

c) Differentiating instruction to maximize performance for individuals with high intensity needs including the use of augmentative and alternative means of communication

d) Skills to support social communication and literacy needs of children with significant ASD including those from linguistically diverse households

e) Skills to work in collaboration with other adults including as an interdisciplinary team that includes paraprofessionals and families from ethno-linguistically diverse communities

f) Knowledge of best practice to support inclusion in natural environments and with typically developing peers

Funded for 5 years (2018) - $ 1.25 Million

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