Preliminary Credential Requirements

Read about preliminary credential requirements and prerequisites required to begin all programs of study in the Department of Special Education.

Students must complete all prerequisites to begin the program.


Requirements for ALL emphasizes (M/M, ESN, ECSE)

  1. Negative TB Test
  2. Certificate of Clearance
  3. CBEST scores — Math, Reading & Writing
  4. Transcript from each college and university attended other than SDSU, as well as current unofficial/advising copy of transcript from San Diego State University
  5. Minimum GPA of 2.75 (last 60 semester units/90 quarter units) or 2.67 overall. Once admitted, maintain a 3.0 minimum GPA per semester
  6. 2 current letters of recommendation, preferably on official letterhead
  7. A candidate statement (500-word maximum)
  8. Petition for special consideration (not required for all candidates)
  9. TE 280 Health course (NOT required prior to starting credential programs)
    • Previously HHS 280 or TE 296—taken within the last 5 years and CPR verification must be current.
  10. Computer Literacy Requirement via SPED 560 course (will be taken in the program)
  11. U.S. Constitution Course
    • SDSU courses: Africana Studies 170A; History 109, 115,409, 454A, 454B, 547A; Mexican American Studies 120A, 141A; Chicana/Chicano Studies 120A, 141A;
    • Political Science 102, 305, 320, 347A, 347B; Women’s Studies 341A
    • All questions concerning applicable coursework go to the Office for Student Success in Lamden Hall, Room 259 (LH-259).

Requirements for M/M and ESN program ONLY

  1. Verification of subject matter competency.
    • Must submit passing scores on all 3 subsets of the California Subject Examinations for Teachers—CSET: Multiple Subjects (all 3 subtests) or passing scores for CSET: Single Subject (Math, English, Social Studies, or Science only). Students with passing CSET: Single Subject (Math, English, Social Studies, or Science only) can start the credential program but must pass CSET: Multiple Subject in order to obtain Preliminary Special Education M/M or M/S credential. Scores good for 10 years from date subtest taken and must be current at the time you apply for initial credential.
  2. Verification of current enrollment in or successful completion (with grade of ‘C’ or above) of SPED 500, 501, 502, and either SPED 500, 502, 502, 527 and DLE 915A
    • Specific for M/M program: SPED 524
    • Specific for ESN program: SPED 525 offered in fall only
    • Demonstration of disposition for teaching during prerequisite courses and interactions with faculty and staff
  3. Passing scores on the Reading Instruction Competence Assessment test (RICA) are required prior to completing the Preliminary Education Specialist Program.

Requirements for ECSE program ONLY

  1. Verification of subject matter competency.Completion of an academic major that is allied with Early Childhood (e.g., Child Development, Speech and Language, Social Work, Psychology). Completion or enrollment in a Liberal Studies major may also be used. If your major is not closely allied to Early Childhood, you must complete early childhood coursework before being accepted into the ECSE program (see ECSE advisor regarding this issue.)
  2. Verification of current enrollment in or successful completion (with grade of ‘C’ or above) in SPED 500, 501, 502, SPED 527, 528, and DLE 915 A. (SPED 528 offered in the fall only)

All applications are submitted online through these links:

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