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Behavioral, Emotional And Mental Health Supports in Schools: Collaborative Practices to Improve Special Educator & School Psychologist Training

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What is Project BEAMS?

Project BEAMS will improve preservice preparation of school psychologists (SP) and special educators (SE) to serve diverse students with behavioral, emotional, and mental health challenges in California's public schools.

Project BEAMS involves SPs & SEs in interdisciplinary training and shared collaboration via: 

1. Research-based courses in Autism, Ethics, & Applied Behavioral Analysis;
2. Seminars, where trainees discuss readings, give cross-disciplinary presentations, and practice collaboration;
3. Clinical practicum experience, with paired SPs & SEs working together in classrooms to provide intensive interventions;
4. Summer institutes, where SEs & SPs will learn about leading research (Day 1) and build capacity around mental health services (Day 2);
5. Co-attendance at professional conferences. 

Competencies include interdisciplinary knowledge & collaboration; enhanced communication & consultation; evidence-based interventions with cultural contexts for understanding behavior and mental health; and action research & data-based decision making.

Scholar Testimonials


Dr. Katina Lambros at [email protected] for more information.

Dr. Bonnie Kraemer at [email protected] for more information.