Learn about LEAPS: Leadership for Evidence-Based Autism Programs in Schools.

LEAPS logo: Image of child leaping with words LEAPS: Leadership for Evidence-Based Autism Programs in Schools 

Image: 68 figures, with one darkened in color to stand outWith 1 in 68 children now being served for autism spectrum disorder (ASD; CDS 2014), there is an urgent demand to provide high-quality school-based services for ASD.

 Image: schoolhouse iconAlthough evidence-based practices (EBPs) for educating children with ASD exist, current methods for selecting, implementing and sustaining these practices in community school settings are not effective. 

School staff need support and specific strategies for HOW to implement EBPs to maximize outcomes for children with ASD.

The project aims to address that need by:

  • Exploring current implementation practices used by school districts across the state of California
  • Adapting an implementation support strategy (LOCI) for school district use
  • Evaluate the feasibility and acceptability of this adapted LOCI strategy for school staff

The steps in this process include:

  • Gathering information from school-based professionals about the current implementation practices used in their district using a brief on-line survey.
  • Get feedback from school-based professional about what training and leadership support is needed to successfully implement EBP within their programs using focus groups.
  • Try the adapted LOCI strategy with school districts to determine if it is feasible to implement and if participating school staff find it helpful.


This project explores leadership and other organizational factors related to implementation of educational programs for students with ASD.

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