TLC (La Mesa/Spring Valley Partnership)

Cohort Leader: 

Pamela Thompson
[email protected]

Unique Focus:

TLC is a two-semester Multiple Subject Teacher Credential program that partners with La Mesa Spring Valley (LMSV) School District, a small school district that does amazing things for their students. The TLC cohort shares with LMSV in building “ a community of lifelong learners who engage in continuous improvement and contribute positively to a global society, within a safe learning environment.” The program recognizes that teaching is not something a person becomes, but rather, teaching requires deliberate practice and constructive growth. TLC student teachers are encouraged to develop their pedagogical skills through collaboration with each other, their guide teachers, school faculty, administrators, and parents. Our special focus, therefore, is to develop future teachers who have a desire to teach like champions by engaging the whole-child, regardless of background and identity (e.g., home language, ethnicity, religion, gender identification, neurobiological diversity).

Student Teaching:

Student teaching takes place in one of LMSV’s 20 schools that educate elementary-school students. As a student teacher, you are required to be at the school site generally on all weekdays, 7:30 AM until 3:00 PM. University courses will be held mostly at an LMSV elementary-school site and are held generally Monday-Thursday in the afternoon/evening from 4:00 PM to 9:40 PM. 


Since technology is used for all aspects of learning and instruction within the TLC cohort, matriculating student teachers are strongly advised to have a working laptop or tablet as well as a smart device with a fully functioning video recording system.