Research and Projects

Centers and Institutes

Center for Visual Literacies

The Center for Visual Literacies is committed to leveraging the potentials of visual texts in education.


The Center for Research in Mathematics & Science Education brings together researchers studying how individuals acquire knowledge in math and science.

Literacy Center

The mission of The SDSU Literacy Center is to facilitate research-based literacy experiences that empower K-12 students and educators.

Pre-College Institute

Promoting college access and completion for underserved students through excellence and innovation in education.

Projects & Initiatives

STEM Education

STEM Ed is an approach to education and learning that emphasizes an integrated interdisciplinary approach to science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Aztec Science Camp

Aztec Science Camp is a science discovery and exploration camp for kids 9−14 years old.


The Mathematics/Science Teacher Initiative is a collaboration between the College of Education and the College of Sciences to support future math and science teachers.

Noyce Project LEARN

The multiple Noyce Project LEARN programs offer internships, scholarships, and fellowships for potential and practicing science educators.