What is Liberal Studies?

Liberal Studies is an interdisciplinary major that offers a broad undergraduate experience in language arts, natural sciences, mathematics, humanities, visual and performing arts, and social sciences.  We emphasize three important themes throughout our program: 

  1. Collaboration.  Liberal Studies students engage in collaborative activities in many of our courses. These experiences can take them into schools, our local communities, and around the world.
  2. Innovation.  Liberal Studies leads in implementing the most innovative instructional practices for our students. Our instructors are leaders and/or researchers in the field of education.
  3. Anti-Racist Education.  We are committed to designing learning environments that are culturally responsive. We endeavor to be mindful to design curriculum and teaching practices that include all students regardless of their race, ethnicity, culture, social class, sexual orientations, gender identity and expression, body identity, religion, linguistic identity, or linguistic abilities. We also challenge ourselves and encourage our students to challenge their explicit and implicit biases so that they can create learning environments for all students to achieve.

Why Major in Liberal Studies at SDSU?

Affordable Tuition

At $7,720 per year, the tuition for California residents is much lower than the price tag for private universities.

Careers in Education are in Demand

A Liberal Studies major opens opportunities in elementary school teaching, school psychology, school counseling, library and information science, social work, educational technology, educational leadership,  as well as graduate studies in education.

A Powerful Act of Social Justice

Every student deserves a teacher who will help them become a successful and productive citizen. Every student deserves a teacher that respects and values their identities. Every child deserves to be taught by a diverse group of qualified and enthusiastic teachers. Schools need teachers who challenge inherent racist and anti-BIPOC policies by redesigning teaching and learning environments of Liberation and Power.

CSET Waiver (Elementary Subject Matter Competency)

If you are interested in pursuing a career in teaching elementary or middle school, then you will need to show Elementary Subject Matter Competency. Our program provides students with the opportunity to demonstrate Elementary Subject Matter Competency by taking and earning a C or better in the set of prescribed courses. By taking these courses, students waive out of taking the Elementary Subject Matter Exam (also known as the CSET exam).

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies?

An undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies provides a rich academic foundation for meeting a wide range of careers, especially centered around the fields of education.

Many of our students use the Liberal Studies major to pursue careers in K-8 teaching. For these students, we offer options in areas of general, special, and bilingual education. Within general education, students have the option to focus on teaching literacy, mathematics, or science.

Other students use the Liberal Studies major to seek careers in a variety of other professions within the field of education. These options include careers as a school counselor, reading specialist, librarian, or instructional designer. You'll find a wealth of other opportunities available as well, particularly if you choose to pursue graduate studies after completing your degree.

I'm able to go into any field feeling confident that not only do I have the academic skills but I'm able to take the next generation and really educate them and make the curriculum fun. I want to inspire kids to follow their dreams.
—Brandon Ishikata, Liberal Studies Graduate