Noyce Program

Applications now being accepted for Noyce Scholarships.  
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To learn more about the Noyce and MSTI scholarships for students entering the credential program, please watch this brief video.  
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All Noyce programs are supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Noyce Science Teacher Scholarships

 This Noyce Track 1 project strives to recruit a select group of high-achieving and diverse science majors into science teaching and provide support, through research-based learning experiences, to develop the recipients’ science content knowledge and teaching practices, and to nurture their enthusiasm for teaching by developing caring perspectives toward students.

There is an explicit focus on helping future science teachers to work effectively in schools with diverse populations of students and to meaningfully incorporate technology into instruction.  Students receive extra training and support during and after their credential program as well as a $15,000 scholarship. 

Are you interested in applying?  The criteria include:

  1. Graduating with a degree in a science field such as biology, chemistry, physics, or geoscience.
  2. Application and acceptance into the SDSU School of Teacher Education Single Subject Teaching Credential Program. (We encourage you to apply for the program and the scholarship at the same time, although final approval for the scholarship is contingent on attending the credential program).
  3. Teaching in a high need district for two years after graduating (e.g. San Diego, Los Angeles, Oakland, Grossmont, Sweetwater, San Ysidro, El Centro, Santa Ana, Escondido, Vista, Oceanside, etc..)

If you would like more information, or to apply, contact Dr. Donna Ross.  Her email is [email protected]



Q. Is the application process really long?

A. No! We have streamlined it.  If you allow us access to your application for the SDSU Teacher Credential Program, the only other thing we need is a single essay! 


Q. Can I apply for the scholarship if I am a sophomore?

A. No, only people who will be beginning the SDSU STE credential program the following Fall are eligible to apply. However, watch for information about an opportunity to work in a science camp this summer.  The summer camp paid internship is available to science majors in their 1st-3rd years at SDSU. 


Q. Can I apply if I plan to teach math instead of science?

A. No, but there is a Noyce Scholarship for math majors, as well.  Check with Dr. Susan Nickerson in the Math Department for more details.


Q. Can I apply if I am a kinesiology major?

A. Unfortunately, the funding agency does not allow us to fund majors from kinesiology, public health, or psychology. If you have a degree that doesn’t fit these categories and you’d like to ask about it, reach out to Dr. Donna Ross  [email protected]


Q. If I plan to apply to the Teacher Credential Program soon, but I haven’t started yet, can I still apply to the Noyce program now?

A. Sure. We will hold your application until you have applied to the credential program, assuming you are applying to begin the program within the year.


Q.When can I apply to the Teacher Credential Program?

A. Applications are accepted beginning in October and the deadline to apply is usually the 1st of February. For the most up-to-day information, check  


Q. What if I don’t teach after finishing the SDSU Teacher Credential Program.

A. The scholarship requires you to teach for 2 years in a high need district (such as San Diego, Los Angeles, Grossmont, Sweetwater, etc..) within 8 years of finishing the program. If you decide you don’t want to teach, you can convert the scholarship into a loan and repay. 


Q.Can the scholarship be used only for tuition and fees?

A. No, the scholarship is to support you during the SDSU Teacher Credential Program. For some people, tuition is their greatest need.  For others, it is rent or living expenses.  Depending on your financial aid situation, it may impact other sources of financial aid.  But, you do not need to qualify for financial aid to receive the Noyce Science Teaching Scholarship. 


If you would like more information, or to apply, contact Dr. Donna Ross.  Her email is [email protected]