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PK-12 School Leadership, Science & Math Focus

Ed.D. in Educational Leadership

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Program Overview

The Ed.D. in Educational Leadership program with a PK-12 School Leadership concentration and a Science and Mathematics Education focus seeks to advance the work of formal and informal STEM education throughout the San Diego region. The program is committed to developing reflective leaders and change agents, capable of responding to the area’s demographic shifts and the increasingly complex science and mathematics needs of educational organizations within this diverse multicultural region.
Emphasizing theory, research, and practice, the program provides an opportunity for students to work within active science and mathematics education learning communities as they interact with faculty and other cohort members.    
Students acquire deeper understanding of themselves as educators, leaders, policy advocates, and professional developers as they increase their knowledge and skills necessary to improve student learning in science and mathematics education.  This program connects coursework with professional learning and educational leadership in formal and informal science and mathematics education. 

In addition to taking classes from Educational Leadership faculty members, students will work with Science and Mathematics Education faculty members including Drs. Donna Ross, Lisa Lamb, Nick Johnson, Katie Schenkel and Meredith Vaughn. 

Competencies and Skills

The program strives to develop leaders who are:

  • Experts in educational leadership
  • Critical thinkers informed by scholarly literature
  • Transformational change agents
  • Life-long science and mathematics learners
  • Self-aware, ethical professionals 


View the course sequence for the Ed.D. Program in Educational Leadership in PK-12 concentration.


Contact Us

  • Jim Marshall, Ph.D., Co-Director ([email protected])  
  • Greg Ottinger, Ed.D., Co-Director ([email protected])
  • Dalia Corrigan, Department Coordinator  
  • Donna Ross, Ph.D., Associate Professor
  • Lisa Lamb, Ph.D., Professor

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Learn How to Apply

The Ed.D. PK-12 Handbook contains program goals and learning outcomes, details about program structure, courses, qualifying exam and dissertation, program cohort, advancement to candidacy, key policies and regulations, and more.


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