Programs of Study

Credential Programs

  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Program: this credential authorizes the holder to provide administrative services for grades K-12 including development and assessment of instructional programs; management of school site, district, or county fiscal services and hiring, assigning, supervising, and evaluating certificated and classified personnel; providing discipline to students and employees; development of student support services
  • Online Preliminary Administrative Services Credential
  • Clear Administrative Services Credential Program: this program offers novice administrators professional development grounded in real work for the schools and districts they serve and informed by the leadership systems and practices found in America’s highest performing schools. 

Master of Arts Program

Professional Development/Graduate Credit Option

  • International Inclusive Leadership Program: this is a 5-course program through SDSU that prepares participants to lead teams in the design and delivery of effective accommodations, modifications, and interventions within general education settings. Participants can choose to complete the courses for professional learning only or for university credit. 

Doctoral Programs

Related Program

Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership (Ed.D.) Community College/Postsecondary Concentration

SDSU also offers a doctoral program in educational leadership through the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Postsecondary Education (ARPE). The Doctorate in Education (Ed.D.) Program in Educational Leadership, with Community College/Postsecondary Concentration, is designed as a professional doctorate degree within which carefully selected student cohorts develop advanced research and leadership skills related to their institutional settings.

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