Enrichment Classes

The Literacy Center is currently working to deepen our impact by providing literacy-based enrichment classes for children and adults. Please join our mailing list to find out about our upcoming class sessions, fees, and application deadlines.

WRITE TO RISE -No Fall 2022 Offerings

We'll be back soon!

The Literacy Center is proud to host WRITE TO RISE - a creative writing class for aspiring young authors. 

Students who participate in WRITE TO RISE will:

  • draft, write, revise, and edit their own original stories
  • illustrate their stories, using drawing, painting, collage, and/or photography
  • produce hard-bound copies of their own books
  • be invited to present their books at an event held at SDSU, which parents can also attend 

Book covers and books on a cork board 

 WRITE TO RISE Program Fees

The cost to enroll in the course is $175. Families who need additional financial assistance will be invited to complete our financial aid form after their child(dren)'s acceptance into the program. However, very limited offers of assistance will be granted for our enrichment programs. 


The online WRITE TO RISE application (linked below) must be completed by a parent/guardian. The deadline for this application is TBD at midnight (PST).  

 WRITE TO RISE Program Acceptance

We can accommodate up to 10 students in our classroom space and will notify parents/guardians by TBD if their child has been accepted into the program. Should the need arise, we may add an additional section of WRITE TO RISE so that more students can participate. 

Parents and guardians of children admitted to WRITE TO RISE will be required to sign our SDSU Literacy Center Enrichment Program Agreement Form.