Community Reading Clinic (Face-to-Face)

The Community Reading Clinic (CRC) provides services to students who need extra support as literacy learners. Our clinicians, most of whom are current students or graduates of our Master of Arts in Reading Education programs, are highly skilled at helping young people rise to their fullest potential as readers and writers. At the CRC, K-12 students receive individualized, one-on-one tutoring to strengthen their skills in reading, writing, phonics, phonemic awareness, fluency, spelling, and comprehension. Graduate students working in our clinic are under the close supervision of SDSU faculty.

CRC sessions run at three points during the year – fall semester, spring semester, and summer term. The dates for the 2022-2023 academic year are as follows:
Child and adult reading a boook
CRC Term Application Deadline
Fall 2022 Semester



Spring 2023 Semester 


Summer 2023



Clinicians work one-on-one with clients for 10-12 one-hour sessions at a rate of $55 per hour for a total of either $550 or $660.  We offer small-group sessions at a rate of $25 per hour for a total of $250 or $300. 

All families are welcome to submit applications for financial aid. 

Financial Aid

Partial fee waivers are available to families who qualify, when funds are available. Financial need does not factor into our decision-making process, regarding a student's acceptance. Once offered a space in one of our clinic sessions, you will be asked to submit a financial aid form via email, if you need assistance. There is no need to complete a financial aid form until you are notified of your child's acceptance into a clinic session. 

Registration Information 

To register a child for one of our sessions: 

  1. A parent or guardian must complete the online application form below (which is accessible by cell phone) by the session’s application deadline. Please Do not fax or mail hard copies of applications. They are no longer being accepted or held. Given our long waiting lists, late applications will not be accepted.  
  2. Wait for notice of acceptance into our program, which will be emailed to you approximately two weeks before the session start date. Please do not contact us, regarding your child's status, until two weeks before the session start date. 

Please note that parents or guardians must REAPPLY for each session, as applications will not be held beyond each session’s start date. Acceptance rates will vary, depending upon the number of clinicians working at the Literacy Center during a given session. Fall sessions are the most limited because most of our clinicians are full-time teachers.

Parents and guardians of children admitted to one of our sessions will also be required to sign our Community Reading Clinic Agreement Form. 

Program Acceptance 

Please note that, beginning in Spring 2018, priority is given to applicants who have attended fewer than two sessions at the Community Reading Clinic. The reason for this is to give more students opportunities to receive assistance. 

We receive approximately three times more applications for students than we can accept into a given session. All decisions made by the SDSU Literacy Center faculty and staff are final. If your child is not accepted into a session for which you have applied, you will be invited to resubmit an application for a later date. Note that applications will not be held.   

Diagnostic Evaluation Services 

Separate diagnostic evaluation services are also available for a fee of $300. 

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