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The Literacy Center is connected to SDSU’s School of Teacher Education and functions as a clinical training site for students enrolled in our Master of Arts in Reading Education programs. Since the 1970s, the Community Reading Clinic (previously known as the Reading Center), which is now housed in our City Heights location, has provided reading and writing services to K-12 students who are in need of extra support. Our practices are driven by contemporary literacy education scholarship, and faculty affiliated with the SDSU Literacy Center produce their own research based, in large part, upon the work they do with and for our K-12 students. SDSU graduate students, all of whom are credentialed teachers, receive practical hands-on experience as they work in the Literacy Center to help youth in our local communities rise to their full potential as literacy learners. 

To learn about our Community Reading Clinic watch our video:

The Literacy Center is currently working to deepen our impact by providing literacy-based enrichment classes for children and adults. Please join our mailing list to find out about our upcoming class sessions, fees, and application deadlines. 

SDSU faculty members affiliated with the Literacy Center are available for professional development sessions in your school or district. For more information or to schedule a visit to the Literacy Center, please contact us.   

The Literacy Center operates as a non-profit with 501(c)3 status through the Campanile Foundation. Please consider making a donation today. All support makes a tremendous difference in enhancing the literacy learning experiences of the children and adults we serve.



Katie Sciurba, Ph.D.Director of the Literacy Center and Assistant Professor of Literacy Education

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Photo of Katie Sciurba, Ph. D.