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Cohort 2026 in Fall 2022

A big welcome to our Fall 2022 cohort!

Left to right: Karla, Elisa, Tien, Andrea, Sarina, Mira, Oscar, Jessica, Monica, Cheslyn, Saphannie, and Aleah

Cohort 2025 in Fall 2021

Welcome back 2nd Year Cohort!

Back left to right: Alex, Alessandro, Ruben, Miguel, Jasmine, Brandon, Maryan, Ana Ruth, Naomi, Isaac, and Haley

Front left to right: Ruth, Teresa, Loops, and Marissa

Cohort 2024 in Fall 2022

Hang in there 3rd Year Cohort!

Back left to right: Zach, Ujunwa, Rachelle, Starr, Elenie, Efren, and Zack

Front left to right: Marisol, Traviana, and Emma

Cohort 2023 in Fall 2022

Our Interns!

Back left to right: Alvan, Sam, Rammaine, Gabby, Daniella, Mo, Haidan, and Jasmine

Front left to right: Rayna, Wing, Hyunji, Sam, and Bryanna


Karla Montiel Headshot

Karla Montiel

School Psychology Trainee, 1st Year 

Navigating through a school system where the values of individualism and capitalism are glamorized can be challenging to adapt to with limited resources. As the oldest daughter of two immigrant parents, my personal life feels like a double-edged sword and has significantly shaped my identity and my educational journey. I come from a traditional Mexican household where machismo is strongly exaggerated, and conversations about mental health are neglected. After a year of therapy, I unlearned the stigma surrounding mental health in the Latinx community where I grew up and learned to advocate for myself and my students. Growing up in Orange County schools as a low-income student, my experiences have helped me recognize the systemic issues such as segregation within my community and school. Many first-generation students lack the knowledge of college and have minimal resources. Many immigrant parents do not understand the US school system. I am the first to experience many things, bringing many positive and negative emotions.

After nearly four years of hands-on experience at the Garden Grove Unified School District, the needs of underserved students became clear to me. I gained knowledge about complex identities while working closely with students from diverse backgrounds, including English Language Learners and students in Special Education. As a future school psychologist, I aim to be a pillar in my community and apply the knowledge I gain from SDSU's program to refine psychology. I look forward to directing my empathy and understanding of students toward advocating for their needs and providing the necessary support and resources to change their life for the better.


Paul Pham, M.S.

Photo: Paul Pham, M.S.SPSA 2016 Treasurer/School Psychology Trainee in Oceanside Unified School District

The School Psychology Program at San Diego State has provided me with bountiful opportunities to develop professionally and personally. I am constantly learning new ideas in our seminar class about culturally appropriate assessments, school-based prevention programs, and interventions to support student learning. My practicum experiences taught me consultation skills to better understand teachers and support them, as well as counseling skills to allow me to work with diverse students. 





Courtney Meiers, M.S.

Photo: Courtney Meiers, M.S.School Psychology Intern in San Diego Unified School District

SDSU's School Psychology program has built on my teaching experience and extended my knowledge to view individual students from an ecological lens. It has provided me with unique experiences using models and theories taught by experts in the field. This program gave me the tools to be successful in my learning by giving us field experience to integrate our classroom instruction.