Alumni Spotlight

Read about alumni of the School Psychology Ed.S. degree program.

Our Graduates Live Our Vision

More than 200 graduates since 1985 have served as school psychologists in public schools. Currently:

  • 85% are school psychologists
  • 10% hold administrative positions (e.g., special education program specialists, principals, state department of education consultants)
  • 5% are full-time tenured or tenure-track faculty members in school psychology, special education, or educational leadership

Our practitioner graduates have a variety of leadership roles:

  • 15% are designated lead psychologists in their districts
  • 10% have taught in our program
  • 14% have received or are pursuing a doctorate
  • 5% have held elected positions in the California Association of School Psychologists (including 2 presidents)
  • Many have been officers in their county affiliates


Shameeka Lewis Alumni Spotlight

Shameeka Lewis, M.S., Ed.S., NCSP

School Psychology Alumni 2020

The integration of learned knowledge into real world experiences through supervision and mentorship was one of my favorite aspects of the SDSU School Psychology program. Additionally, as a graduate student in SDSU’s program, I found creative ways to honor my personal passion of fostering resiliency through culturally-affirming practices as a scholar of the Native Grant with Dr. Robinson-Zanartu and Research Assistant to Dr. Paz’s University Grant Program: Resiliency & CoVitality in Foster Youth. I am very proud that amidst a global pandemic I have remained grounded in the teachings of my mentors and the lessons gathered from my time at SDSU.

Since graduating, I have stayed true to my passion of sharing culturally-affirming school psychology practices and knowledge across national, state, and local areas. I’ve co-authored a policy statement/book chapter entitled "Building Better Schools with Evidence-Based Policy: Adaptable Policy for Teachers and School Leaders" in 2021 with Dr. Paz and Dr. Lambros. I have co-facilitated a presentation entitled "Honoring & Supporting Indigenous & Native American Youth in Schools" in 2021 with Dr. Robinson-Zanartu and scholars from the Native Grant as a part of a SANDCASP presentation series. I have extended my knowledge of strengths-based assessment practices as a guest speaker for High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

As a school psychologist, I have utilized my training to usher in schoolwide strengths-based social and emotional screeners to inform multi-tiered systems of mental health support. I have co-authored and launched a schoolwide curriculum that fosters positive executive functioning and social-emotional learning skills. I have also co-created and revised systems-level operations that ensure youth in care of residential treatment centers are adequately supported during transitions. Furthermore, the accomplishment I am most proud of is the genuine relationships I have fostered with the many AMAZING students, families, and colleagues I have crossed paths with thus far.

Jarrett Clifton Alumni Spotlight

Jarrett Clifton, M.S., Ed.S.

School Psychology Alumni 2017

I chose San Diego State University’s School Psychology program because of its emphasis on multicultural education and diversity. During the program, these were highlighted consistently through course content, the professors, and other students. Our practicum experiences pushed us to work with others (teachers, parents, or children) from different backgrounds than our own. SDSU’s program allowed me to ‘dive deep’ into my personal story and understand how it impacts the way I live my life and work with others. This multicultural focus was also present in the various grant-funded opportunities available to students within the program - for me, that was the ‘Native grant’ where I learned about indigenous people, their resilience, and strength they have shown in the past - and still show to this day.

The perspective is my favorite part because SDSU’s program ‘walks the talk’ in multiple ways as I’ve described here. I can say that using what I learned during my time in the program helped me build meaningful relationships along the way! I attribute much of my drive and passion for leadership to my experiences at SDSU.

Without the support of my professors and cohort members, I doubt my life would be what it is today. I also must highlight that there have been many mentors (formal and informal) whose advice and suggestions have also helped shape me into the professional I am.

Since graduating, I have gained professional experience at the elementary and high school levels. I currently work within the district office - supporting multiple school sites and staff members as part of the district behavior support team. I am also active in the local school psychology community - the San Diego County Association of School Psychologists (SANDCASP).

David Martinez Alumni Spotlight

David Martinez, M.S., Ed.S., NCSP

School Psychology Alumni 2016

Growing up with the desire to give back to my community, SDSU fine-tuned my collaboration and consultation skills to do the work that I now do in schools. The rich opportunities of being part of a variety of grants and under the best mentors/professors anybody can ask for gave me the knowledge and experiences needed to be an effective School Psychologist. I was blessed to be part of grants such as CIELO with Dr. Lambros, summer immersions with CLASS-EL and Dr. Robinson-Zanartu, Restorative Practices with Dr. Ingraham, and the Military Connected grant.

I have had the opportunity to work with students ranging  from preschool through 8th grade for the  first 5 years of my career and at the high school level for the last two years. I have been fortunate to work alongside strong teams, where together we are making a difference in the lives of our students and families. 

Mentorship has been a big part of my story. Before leaving my first school site, I was able to create a group for Latino male students at the middle school. In this group we focused on emotional intelligence, brought in guest speakers from the community, and empowered them through education. It has been an honor being part of the SDSU family by being a  supervisor for first year students and interns.

Oscar Grajeda Alumni Spotlight

Oscar Grajeda, M.A., Ed.S., NCSP

 School Psychology Alumni 2011

 My time in the SDSU School Psychology program laid the foundation for my comprehensive service delivery, which included supporting teachers and administrators, but ultimately advocating for the welfare of children and their families. 

I am currently a Bilingual School Psychologist in the San Diego Unified School District. I provide services at both the elementary and the middle school level. My duties and what I am passionate about is providing consultation and collaboration services to parents and school staff, individual and group counseling, conducting psychoeducational evaluations to inform interventions and services, building capacity, and participating in leadership roles.  

My experiences also have allowed me to give back to the program. I have taught the "Assessment of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students" course to 2nd-year students in the SP program and Special Education teachers in the Special Education Department. I also supervise 3rd-year and intern students in the program.