DEBER is affiliated with the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education at San Diego State University 


The State of California NEEDS Bilingual Teachers! 

Our local schools are hiring bilingual teachers.  Children, youth & families from bilingual backgrounds deserve an education system that promotes linguistic and cultural diversity.

  • Can you read, speak & write in English and Spanish?
  • Do you self-identify as Latinx, Chicanx, Hispanic, Mexican, or other Spanish language cultural group?
  • Are you interested in becoming a bilingual teacher to serve local communities?

If you answered YES to all three questions and are currently a student at Southwestern College, San Diego Mesa College, or San Diego City College, and plan to transfer to SDSU, then DEBER may be for you!

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DEBER Highlights

The Developing Effective Bilingual Educators with Resources Project (DEBER) at San Diego State University (SDSU), is designed to support future bilingual teachers currently enrolled at these three Community Colleges in the transfer process to SDSU and the successful completion of a Bilingual Credential!

In addition to Professional Development opportunities in the field of Bilingual Education and Community Building activities with other DEBER Scholars, you will receive ongoing advisement, support with degree & credential program requirements, and a stipend!    


Systems of Communication

Establish systems of coordination and communication between community college partners, SDSU undergraduate and transfer studies offices, and the College of Education to increase teacher education pathway enrollment.

Community College Pathway

Articulate the pathway for 2-year liberal studies majors at community colleges to transfer to SDSU bilingual teacher education programs.

Professional Learning Opportunities

Provide outreach and professional learning activities that grow student interest in education and awareness about requirements, milestones, and bilingual teacher pathway.

Bilingual Student Learning Community

Create a robust bilingual student learning community in the College of Education CEBER Center at SDSU promoting academic success.

Linguistically & Culturally Diverse Field Experience

Provide innovative field experience and learning opportunities for potential and enrolled teacher candidates, to explore the practices of highly successful biliteracy programs and urban schools with linguistically and culturally diverse populations.

Integrated Support

Ensure seamless transitions from 2-year to 4-year program with integrated supports for completion of standardized assessments, application to teacher credential program, and placement in a K-12 school upon graduation to reduce student costs.