Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation

The purpose of this certificate is to educate rehabilitation counselors to provide effective psychiatric rehabilitation interventions that will result in greater workforce participation and integration of individuals who experience psychiatric disabilities. This advanced academic certificate is designed for current and aspiring professionals in a variety of rehabilitation settings including public and private mental health programs, supported and competitive employment programs, postsecondary education (community college, university), in-patient and out-patient hospital programs, state departments of rehabilitation, private rehabilitation agencies, or other projects funded through private or government resources that serve individuals with psychiatric disabilities.


A bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with demonstrated experience in disability-related work and/or academic coursework.

Required Courses

  • ARP 601 Seminar in Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (3)
  • ARP 608 Seminar in Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (3)
  • ARP 648 Group Dynamics in Rehabilitation (3)
  • ARP 660 Theory and Process of Counseling in Rehabilitation (3)
  • ARP 745 Internship in Rehabilitation CR/NC

The Seminar in Best Practices in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ARP 601) and Seminar in Principles of Psychiatric Rehabilitation (ARP 608) are specialized courses that focus specifically on the Recovery Model and community-based services for people with serious mental illness (psychiatric disabilities). Group Dynamics in Rehabilitation (ARP 648) covers group counseling techniques and group dynamics. Theory and Process of Counseling in Rehabilitation (ARP 660) covers prominent counseling theories and offers opportunities to practice counseling methods. Three units of Internship (ARP 745) will be completed in a psychiatric rehabilitation setting. These five courses are required within the core curriculum of the Rehabilitation Counseling Program (RCP), and the Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation can be taken simultaneously with the RCP.

Completion Requirements

Students must complete 15 units with at least a 3.0 (B) grade point average. Students in the certificate program will complete 12 units of formal coursework and 3 units of internship, unless the program advisor approves alternative courses. Major assignments in all courses will focus on psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health, and the culminating assignment will be a comprehensive portfolio of work completed during the certificate.

Students must maintain a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all certificate coursework with no less than a grade of C in any course. Only three units of coursework with a grade of C will count towards the certificate. A maximum of three units of coursework can be repeated. Courses in the certificate program may be applied to a master’s degree if applicable. 

Contact Information

Dr. Charles Degeneffe is the program advisor for the Certificate in Psychiatric Rehabilitation program. He meets with each certificate student to design an individualized program of study based on the student’s educational background and professional experience. Students may enroll in the certificate program and the master’s degree in Rehabilitation Counseling concurrently.

Contact Dr. Degeneffe ([email protected]) for further information.