Cohort: Project Based Career Prep

"Linked Learning embraces 21st century teaching and learning in collaboration with schools and industry/community partners dedicated to preparing students for college, career, and citizenship."

Cohort Leaders:


Unique Focus or Emphasis

Are you interested in:
  • working at schools where you do teamwork and make real-world applications, providing a valuable learning experience from your area of content?
  • student teaching in schools where teacher leadership is valued and modeled?
  • working with teachers who value teamwork and collaboration and bring high school reform alive through interdisciplinary instruction and problem/project-based learning?
This cohort will focus on innovative practices and schools in which rigorous academic work and career technical education come together to prepare you as a student for success. As a participant in this cohort, you will be prepared to teach in both traditional and linked learning schools and programs. We recommend you have strong academic subject knowledge. Look forward to an exciting year collaborating and learning with a team of other subject area teachers!


The Value of Linked Learning: Work-based learning; Aligning academics & career technical education; Collaboration among subject matter experts

Location and Schedule

Location of courses


Locations of student teaching

High Tech High and Middle, San Diego High, Hoover High School,  Clairemont High, Health Science High and Middle College, and Lincoln High Schools. 

Days/times (approx. schedule of student teaching)

Student teaching is three hours per day for the first semester, and 5 hours per day for the second semester.
Days/times (approx. schedule) of courses: 4:00 and 7:00 p.m.


Preparing Teachers for Linked Learning Programs

SDSU's Project Based Career Prep Cohort introduces candidates to the Linked Learning approach by linking the academic core subjects to the career and technical education experience at the secondary level.

A total of 9 teacher preparation institutions form a network of programs preparing Single Subject teachers for Linked Learning schools and programs.

Our program is partnering with several career pathway programs in San Diego secondary schools to prepare new teachers with a clinical experience that includes career preparation in the credential program.

For more information, go to the ConnectEd website and to the California Academy Support Network website.

Linked Learning: Work-based Learning, Academics, Career Technical Education, Support Services. College & Career.