Cohort: Chula Vista

Cohort Leader:

Gloria Davies
[email protected]

Unique Focus

“We create a democratic and caring community for learners.”

This is a two-semester Multiple Subject Credential program placing student teachers in the Chula Vista Elementary School District.

Special emphasis focuses on the education of culturally & linguistically diverse learners, and the schools and Guide Teachers selected share in a commitment to meeting the academic needs of these learners, their families, and communities.

The Chula Vista for Diversity Block Multiple Subject Credential Program is rigorous and enriching, providing professional development for designing standards-based instruction and creating inclusive learning communities. To support the professional development of credential candidates, the two-semester credential program combines collaboration with classroom teachers and a supportive team of instructors, supervisors, and others in the School of Teacher Education at SDSU.

University courses are held at SDSU and at local school sites.  The schedule of courses and student teaching hours will be provided at the start of registration each semester. Credential candidates must be available full-time, five days a week to complete student teaching and enroll in all required coursework for this two-semester program.

Student Teaching will be at various schools in the Chula Vista Elementary School District. School hours vary.