Overview of Master's Degree Programs

Our master's degree programs in the School of Teacher Education have high expectations for participant commitment to learning, personal growth and development, and inquiry.

These advanced degrees are designed to promote and support learning and development through scholarly reading, study, and exchange of ideas. Time invested in graduate study will involve work at the classroom, school, and district levels; the expectation is that students who graduate from these programs will become experts and leaders in their schools and districts and in other learning environments. 

The School of Teacher Education graduate programs require that participants: 

  • must have a teaching credential or 12 units in education
  • be skilled communicators , both orally and in writing
  • be enthusiastic about and prepared to engage in scholarly study and work, and disseminate findings, as appropriate
  • realize that one purpose for graduate study is to push the boundaries of one's own personal, as well as professional, growth and learning
  • understand that the STE graduate programs require a significant investment of time for reading, reflection, research, and investigation of educational environments.

NOTE: Some states require a master's degree to teach in public schools. However, California requires a teaching credential instead of a master's degree.

Tuition and Scholarships

The tuition for California residents is much lower than the pricetag for private universities.

Program Overview