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Undergraduate Research Lab

"We aspire to Inspire"

Why join the Undergraduate Research Lab?

The Undergraduate Research Lab provides all students an opportunity to immerse ourselves in academic research. This high-impact practice moves our experience to a next level experience. This provides undergraduates a graduate level experience with presenting at an academic symposium.

As first-generation, minoritized, transfer-undergraduates dive into the world of research, who aspire for our mentors to help us acquire critical skills necessary to enter graduate school, and help underscore the real-life applications of interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary high-impact practices 

Why is the Undergraduate Research Lab a choice for you? 

  • Connect with external and Internal SDSU Faculty Researchers you look-up-to, and learn how to be intentional by proactively writing a letter of interest to their labs. 
  • Become competitive for graduate and professional school applications and gearing up your research skills helps one land great job opportunities.
  • Learning how to foster and maintain reciprocal relationships is prime towards a successful academic career. 
  • Being coached by peer mentors who traveled a similar path or are current grad students can show you that what you learn in our seminars and workshops is truly useful, in the field of research.
  • The lab will change your worldview and ignite a passion for new research methods which could even gear expansion/growth in your career choices.
  • Your collaborative work can contribute to research gaps and help you built an impact in your community.
  • The Lab will equip you with practical steps towards the SDSU Annual Student Research Symposium.
  • Our Lab model is design with a strong timeline of workshops that will teach you .
  • Get involved! Don't set yourself up with mental grids. The sooner you acquire research experience the more prepared you will feel as you keep advancing your undergraduate years. 



Meet our HCOP Summer 2022 Scholars:

HCOP 2022 Scholar Brianna Antunez

HCOP 2022 Scholar Rania Atto

HCOP 2022 Scholar Kameneff Bojorquez Gastelum

HCOP 2022 Scholar McKenzie Buss

HCOP 2022 Scholar Kimmy Diez

HCOP 2022 Scholar Rhiannon Gilliard-Telefoni

HCOP 2022 Scholar Ana Guardado

HCOP 2022 Scholar Benjamin mosco

HCOP 2022 Scholar Fatum Noor

HCOP 2022 Scholar Valerie Tai

HCOP 2022 Scholar Valerie Tai

HCOP 2022 Scholar Luzlynet Tostado

Below are The College of Education Student Testimonials with a trajectory in the HCOP/FSMP Mentorship Sequel:

Here a video maybe on zoom with FSMP Cohort


Our 2021 Scholars' Research 

Abstracts/Videos Below