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Last name First name Year Dissertation Title
Keany Christine A. 2016  Identifying Transferable Funds of Knowledge Acquired by Street Gang Individuals for Success in Alternative Contexts: A Social Constructionist
Shortman  Lesley A. 2016  You Might Find Diamonds: A Method Study of High School Teachers' Understanding, Valuation, and implementation of Close Reading Instruction
Iffland Aaron R 2016 The Influence of Financial, Cultural and Social Capital on the Likelihood of Success of Community College Students: A Quantitative Study Utilizing the Educational Longitudinal Study of 2002
De La Garza Thomas R 2016 Factors Leading to Military and Veteran Student Achievement in Community College: A Quantitative Study Utilizing the Community College Survey of Men
Fragoso  Norma C 2016 Language Exposure and Usage by Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and their Families Living in the Imperial Valley of California
Doan Mary J. 2016 Case Studies of Military Mothers: An Exploratory Study on the Effects on Parenting Stress
Opperman Amanda L 2016 The application of culturally-relevant instructional scaffolding techniques into english language learning
Rivera Star 2016  At the Crossroads of Aspiration and Achievement: Examining the Educational and Counseling Experiences of Low-Income, First-Generation, Latino/a Community College Students
Koeppen Olga 2016 A Blended Summer School Experience for English Learners
Naranjo Melissa 2016 Roadblocks to a 4-year university college undermatch and college choice process of first-generation, low-income high school latina/o students
Yenpasook Marissa 2016 Multicultural Competence of Mixed -Race/Ethnicity Graduate Students: A Phenomenological and Heuristic Study Within the Community -Based Block Program
Nguyen Annie T 2016   Social Capital Networks: How Homes, Schools, and Communities Provide Academic Support for Second-Generation Vietnamese American College Students
Martin David 2016 Student Worldview and Satisfaction Alignment in Postsecondary Education
Strickland Elizabeth D.   2017 School Leadership for Social Justice: Exploring the Relationship Between the Beliefs and Practices of School Leaders in Title 1 Schools and Student Achievement
Valentini  Brian 2017 Quality of Life of Recently Transitioned Students with Autism in Long-term Living Communities
Madrigal-Chinolla Paula A. 2017 Factors of Educational Effectiveness (EE): Lessons from High Performing Hispanic Middle and Secondary Schools
Archey Xochitl 2017 Dual Language Learners with Special Needs: Planning for Efficacious Classroom Implementation of Language Goals
Pacheco   Jocelyn  2017  The Academic Battle: Challenging Deficit Models of Student Veteran Military Skills
Marsing Deborah 2017  Family and Student Profile Variables Influencing the Performance of AAPI Seventh-Grade Students' Cat/6 Mathematics and Reading Tests
Palma  Griselda 2017 Latino Parental Access to Biliteracy Programs in Selected Latino-Majority Schools Based on the Castañeda Guidelines: Exploratory Study
Hancock Laura 2017 Close Reading: Teacher Perceptions in the Content Areas in Grades 6-12
Garza Jennifer M. 2017 The Influence of Academic and Nonacademic Validating Agents on Young Women and Girls’ Math and Science Self Concept and Course Taking Behavior in High School: A Quantitative Study Utilizing the High School Longitudinal Study of 2009
Davis Lisa 2018 Liminal Learning: Understanding a Complex Adaptive Human Learning System through a Secondary School Internship Experience
Navarro Melissa 2018  A Critical Examination of Dual Language Science Educators: Ideology, Pedagogy, Access, and Equity
Courtney Bob 2018 Challenges of Mother-Tongue Medium of Instruction in Rural Ethiopia
Rozich Elizabeth 2017 School Leadership for Social Justice: Exploring the Relationship Between the Beliefs and Practices of School Leaders in Title 1 Schools and Student Achievement
McDaniel Sara 2017 Building 21st Century Skills of Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Extracurricular Clubs
Teng Allen 2017 School Factors and Information that Influence Parents Exercising School Choice in Urban Public Schools
Cueva Jaime 2017 Transfronteriz@ Youth: A Study of Young Adults' Skills, Knowledge, and Talents to Navigate Across the San Diego-Tijuana Border Region in Pursuit of a High School Education
Hoyt Helina 2018 Virtual Standardized Patient (VSP) Simulation: A Comparison of Pedagogical Methods to Improve Nursing Student Knowledge & Skill
Hauze Sean 2018 An Evaluation of Nursing Student Motivation to Learn using a Virtual Standardized Patient Simulation
Card Polly 2018 Men of Color at Community College: Visualizing the Impact of Faculty Validation
Zavala Haydee 2018 Unveiling the Beauty Myth: The Relationship Between Beauty and Education Among Latina Adolescents
Heyes Richard Clarke 2018 Students' Experiences of Collaborative and Experiential Learning in Online Graduate Courses
Drake Cassandra 2019 Toward a Social Justice Orientation: Exploring the Development of Teacher-Candidate Cultural Competence
Kovats A. Gabriela 2019 Affirming Indigeneity in Public Spaces: Indigenous Mexican Testimonios about Higher Education
Cho Wonyoung 2019 Context Filtering: Clinical and Linguistic Practices of Asian American Multilingual Mental Health Clinicians
Sedor Margaret 2019 Mental Health within a Multitiered Systems of Support Framework: The Practice of School Psychologists
Washington Michael 2019 Towards a Culturally Critical Andragogy: An Exploratory Study of the Black Male Experience in Higher Education
Bolanos Rogelio 2019 Education Investment and the 3*1 Program in the State of Guanajuato, Mexico
Xiong Soua 2019 Use of campus services among Southeast Asian American community college students: a structural equation modeling analysis examining the effects of service access, staff validation, and staff care
Lee David 2019 The Impact of Ethnic Identity on Academic Achievement Pertaining to Korean American College Students
Darling Justine 2019 Social Justice in Restorative Justice Practices Trainings in California K-12 Public Schools
Belisle Nicole 2020 Perceptions of Self-Concept for Multiracial College Students: A Mixed Methods Study
Sanchez Freddy 2020 Factors Influencing the Retention and Graduation of Latino Male Students: Four-Year Hispanic-Serving Institutions.
González Verónica 2020 Beyond Language: Critical and Sustainable Sociocultural Competence in a Dual Language Program
Blevins Darielle 2020 Visibility and the Power of the Black Girl Gaze to Understand Black Adolescent Girls' Identity
Spengler Katherine 2020 Struggling Readers and Dyslexic Readers: A Comparative Study of Student Intervention Files
Bonner Latrice 2020 The Triumvirate Woman: Reconceptualizing Academic
Career Messages for African American Women in Engineering
Casassa Kelly 2020 The Role of a Summer Arts-Based Immersion Program in Creating Access and Opportunity for Middle School Students
Tashi Thupten 2019 A Case Study of Discipline Practices: Perceptions of Administrators, Educators, and Foster Parents in Tibetan Children’s Village (TCV)
Vang Melissa 2020 The Intersection of Academia and Identity: A Phenomenological Inquiry on the Ethnic and Racial Identity of Hmong American Students in Higher Education