Careers in Educational Leadership Start at SDSU

Why study at SDSU?

If you aspire to be an equity-driven school leader responsible for empowering engaged, inspired, and successful learners, our programs are for you. School leadership is a compelling responsibility that requires a positive disposition and a well-developed skill and knowledge base. Our programs and expert educational leadership faculty will prepare you to be the best leader in your field.  

The majority of our students who work in schools and district offices across the county have received leadership positions during or immediately after completing our programs.

What can I do with an Administrative Services Credential or a degree in Educational Leadership?

Our programs lead to a variety of leadership roles in the PK-12 schools. Positions include but are not limited to the following:

  • Principal 
  • Assistant, Associate or Vice Principal 
  • Executive Director 
  • Assistant Superintendent 
  • District Superintendent 
  • Director of: 
    • Human Resources
    • Teaching and Learning 
    • Special Education
    • Educational Services 
    • Curriculum 
  • Teacher Education Coordinator 
  • Special Education Coordinator 
  • Program Manager
  • Site(s) Administrator 
  • Project Director 
  • Director of Professional Growth

How can I apply?

Learn about the application process.


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