Student Teaching

The student teaching component of our program prepares teachers to effectively serve a diverse student population who come to school with a primary language other than English. To that end, the DLE single subject bilingual teacher preparation program includes:

  • Knowledge of and incorporating appropriate Single Subject California Teaching Standards
  • Knowledge of and incorporating Visual and Performing Arts Standards
  • Knowledge of Parent Engagement Standards/ development of Parent Engagement Plan
  • Knowledge of Special Education laws and accommodations
  • Development as a Professional Educator by creating a Professional Portfolio
  • Knowledge of assessment practices and developing rubrics
  • Use of educational technology in instruction and classroom engagement
  • Investigating classroom management researchers and theorists
  • facilitating the learning process for students to become biliterate
  • bringing student voices to the center of classroom discourse
  • Course readings specific to essential student teaching themes
  • Opportunities to build community within the cohort of teacher candidates
  • Extensive experience with lesson planning with different focuses
  • Opportunities to collaboratively plan and teach a lesson
  • Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)
    • California Commission on Teaching Credentialing (CTC) requires all teacher candidates to successfully receive a passing score on a Teacher Performance Assessment. DLE uses the state approved CalTPA. You will be provided instruction through course work and seminar on the different requirements of Cycle 1 and Cycle 2 of CalTPA.
    • DLE CalTPA advisors are available to individually discuss and support you in meeting the requirements.
      Timelines will be provided by your seminar instructor.
    • A DLE coordinator oversees all the CalTPA information dissemination and updates.