These items are needed to complete the Cal State Apply application. Please view the program application for more details about these requirements.

Program Requirements

  • CBEST - Basic Skill Requirement
  • CSET - Subject Matter Competency
  • Certificate of Clearance
  • TB Test
  • Early Field Experience (30 hours)
  • US Constitution
  • CPR Certification (first aid adult, child, and infant)

Prerequisite Courses

Courses must be taken within 7 years prior to beginning the credential program. Make sure to send official transcripts to SDSU that include any of these courses.

Pedagogical and programmatic practices for addressing linguistic and academic needs of multilingual learners. Historical and theoretical foundations of bilingual education as related to bilingual and dual language programs to include instruction, curriculum, and assessment.

Taught in Spanish and English.

Oral, written, and communicative competencies in Spanish through practical experiences and study of sociopolitical and sociocultural contexts impacting bilingual learners in culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

Not a requirement for Dual Language Partners.

Please view the Language and Cultural Competency section of the program application for more details about this requirement.

Overview of cultural pluralism in education, industry, business, other institutions, and society at large.

Historical, legal, and philosophical aspects of special education. Instructional and assessment support for access to general education curriculum.

Meets requirements for preliminary multiple, single subject, and education specialist teaching credentials.

Topics designated in health framework for California; infusing health topics in the K-12 general curriculum.

For multiple or single subject candidates.

This course is offered only in the fall.