The Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education (formerly Policy Studies Department) prepares bilingual and cross-cultural teachers, administrators, and other educators who are reflective and transformational practitioners in addressing the needs of ethnically and linguistically diverse learners through collaboration with schools, families and community. We work closely with schools and districts to support the needs of English learners in K–12 classrooms and the professional development of biliteracy teachers. 

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Programs of Study

American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) classes meet the foreign language requirements for SDSU undergraduates.

Bilingual Credential Program

The Bilingual Credential is available to students interested in teaching in a bilingual elementary school classroom. The credential authorizes the holder to teach in any self-contained bilingual or regular classroom in which one teacher is responsible for all the subjects commonly taught. In addition, it authorizes the teacher to provide instruction in the primary language. Also, the Bilingual Credential authorizes teachers to teach in designated English Language Development (ELD) classrooms, and to provide specially designated content instruction in English. The B-ITEP undergraduate pathway typically takes four years and integrates the bachelor's and credential program.

Professional Development Certificates

The Online Professional Development Certificates prepare teachers with knowledge and skills that align rigorous content standards with levels of language proficiency, a critical aspect of delivering comprehensible and quality instruction to Emergent Bilinguals and English Learners.

Note: You can obtain this Professional Development Certificate in 2-4 semesters. In addition, all courses completed with a grade of B or better are applicable to the Master of Arts degree in Education.

Master's in Education

The Masters Program provides teachers and others in the education profession with skills in critiquing current school programs from a social equity and social justice perspective. The program consists of 30 units (10 courses). Students typically complete two courses (6 units) per semester in either a hybrid or a fully online program. The program may include one or two summer courses as available.

Two options available: Critical Literacy & Social Justice and Outside Specialization

Bilingual Added Authorization

California has a historic need for bilingual teachers to meet the needs of students, families and communities as well as meet global competencies. With the passage of California Proposition 58, more dual language schools have opened and there is an even deeper need for teachers with bilingual authorizations and dual language expertise. This Bilingual Added Authorization is open to all teachers who hold a preliminary or clear California credential for multiple or single subject teaching and are interested in adding the bilingual authorization.