Student Research

Both our undergraduate and graduate students participate in a wide-variety of research. Read below for a sampling of our students' academic work. 


2019 Student Research Symposium Provost's Award Winner:

Hannah Zimmerman

Hannah Zimmermann

At this year's Student Research Symposium, I presented on School-Based Grief Groups. I worked with Dr. Lisa Linder and Elizabeth Hospice to analyze Pre- and Post-Assessments that middle and high school students, in an eight week school-based grief group, completed. Through this research, we were able to determine that this School-Based Grief Group does produce significant improvement in grief symptoms for children who have lost a close family member. We also looked at how this grief group, specifically, produced improvement in participants' social-seeking behaviors.

Undergraduate Research Fellowship winner:

Anele Villaneuva

Anele's research projects at the San Diego State University with Dr. Margaret Friend explore dual language learning in young children and the unique characteristics of parent-child interactions from infancy to preschool-aged children across various linguistic backgrounds. Additionally, Anele earned an undergraduate research fellowship from the International Congress of Infant Studies in 2017 to conduct research with Dr. Adriana Weisleder and the Video Interaction Project team at the New York University, School of Medicine in the Pediatric department, investigating parent-child interactions in various activity contexts in low-income immigrant Latino families.

Anele with students


Marina Sanchez and Marisela Lam

PreK poster