About CEED

What We Do 
  • The Center for Excellence in Early Development (CEED) is a transdisciplinary, research-based, training facility with a holistic approach to supporting early childhood development, mental health, and early education in San Diego and beyond. 
  • Our goal is to make an efficient and transformational impact in social justice, K-12 education, and reduce inequalities by providing services to communities who would not have access to them otherwise.
Our Leadership 
  • Our leadership consists of 3 co-directors:

  •  Dr. Lisa Linder directs the Healthy Early Years Clinic, the early childhood mental health branch of CEED. 

  • Dr. Sarah Garrity and Dr. Sascha Longstreth direct the Effective Teaching and Learning branch of CEED, which focuses on early childhood education and workforce development. Our transdisciplinary approach reflects current best practices whereby young children’s needs are considered holistically, across environments, and providers.

The Importance of Early Childhood Development 
  • Early experiences affect the development of brain architecture, which provides the foundation for all future learning, behavior, and health. Adverse experiences early in life can impair brain architecture, with negative effects lasting into adulthood.

  • Nobel Prize winning economist, Dr. James Heckman, has identified that the highest rate of economic returns comes from the earliest investments in children, providing an eye-opening understanding that society invests too much money on later development when it is often too late to provide great value.

Collaborators and Community Partners
  • Head Start

  •  Local school districts

  • First Five San Diego

  •  San Diego County Office of Education