“Nurturing Early Connections”

Situated within San Diego State University, the Center for Excellence in Early Development (CEED) is a transdisciplinary, research-based, training facility with a holistic approach to supporting early childhood development, mental health, and early childhood education in San Diego county and beyond. 

We also conduct applied research aimed at the identification of promising practices that can be scaled up and shared with the broader research and educational community.

Two Interrelated Branches

Our transdisciplinary approach reflects current best practices whereby young children’s needs are considered holistically, across environments, and providers.

The Healthy Early Years Clinic

The Healthy Early Years clinic (HEY) facilitates the early development and mental health of young children. It also supports caregivers in providing nurturing and responsive relationships. We seek to support children and families, from all walks of life, and to enhance social-emotional functioning so all children can develop, learn, and thrive.

  • School-based early childhood mental health consultation 
  • Home visitation
  • Developmental assessments 
  • Interdisciplinary support of familial, social, emotional and behavioral issues for young children and their families 

The Hub for Effective Teaching and Learning

The Effective Teaching and Learning (ETL) branch of CEED aims to design and implement systems to support early childhood providers, children, and families. In addition, it will bring evidence-based practices to the field. We strive to improve the early childhood workforce to ensure effective teaching and learning, and supportive systems for young children, administrators, caregivers, teachers, and families.

  • Ongoing professional development to early childhood leaders and practitioners.
  • Strengths-based consultation services