In the international context CEBER faculty has provided a cadre of its students, almost annually, to study in international diverse sociocultural contexts in Mexico, Spain, and other European nations. Furthermore, discussion to include Asian languages is ongoing with faculty from CGU, SDSU, and CSU campuses. 

Via CEBER the Department of Dual Language and English Learner Education is committed to supporting the implementation of Proposition 58 that affords pathways for California school districts and schools to design multilingual education programs. CEBER’s collective faculty research will continue to contribute to the above six priority areas; as well in operationalizing the new state initiative (Proposition 58) that repealed the English-only immersion requirement and parent waiver provisions (required by Proposition 227 of 1998) to access biliteracy programs. This initiative allows schools to utilize bilingual and/or dual language programs for students to acquire biliteracy that is facilitated by biliterate teachers who speak both their native language and English. In this new initiative, CEBER faculty will continue to develop a significant cadre of bilingual faculty and staff to conduct biliteracy curriculum audits, provide professional development in all aspects of biliteracy, provide educational leadership training for working in complex ethnically diverse school communities, undertake parental leadership development and other activities, both funded and volunteer driven, in the area of educational equity and biliteracy.