SDSU Chinese Cultural Center Virtual Field Trip


Step inside the SDSU Chinese Cultural Center from everywhere! 

Join us in CCC’s story map via zoom. Explore an exotic virtual tour to a thousand years Chinese culture and history. The virtual culture program is designed for young students and adults featuring in varieties of topics such as Chinese historical heritages, Kung Fu, Chinese food, Musical instruments, Chinese calligraphy, papercutting, Chinese painting art etc.

The cultural program is conducted in either in English or Mandarin. Schedule for a customizable virtual tour NOW by mailing us!!! 

Virtual Field Trip Demonstration


Themed Culture Tours

  1. Paper-cutting art
  2. China History
  3. Chinese Festivals and 24 Solar Terms
  4. Chinese Cuisine culture
  5. Tea and tea ceremony
  6. Chinese Music

A 30 minutes virtual culture tour with one selected themed topic ; 45 mins tour with two selected topics ; 60 mins with three cultural topics. 


For more information, please contact the CCC at 619-594-4791 or by emailing :