On The San Diego State University Campus, CCC Occupies A Multi-Purpose Space That Has Been Used For Internal Teachers’ Trainings, Events, And Gatherings As Well As Space Rental For The Sdsu Community. 
The venue is comprised of a large gallery, a tea room, and a conference room which has been used by both the CCC programs as well as paid renters.
The center is able to host gatherings in an intimate and ornate setting that can continue to benefit the University.  Campus events and performances can be held in the center, as well as meetings and performances.
The space is highly versatile; most of the display items and furniture in the space are positioned on casters for easy reconfiguration.  
Chinese Cultural Center is open to the public for rental. Please click on the link for Chinese Cultural Center Reservation

Mission and Vision of The SDSU Chinese Cultural Center 

San Diego State University has a wonderful and rich past. The Chinese Cultural Center would like to thank all of you who have helped to make the Center what it is today. With all of you by our side, there's no limit to what we can accomplish. The world needs San Diego State and the world needs you.

The Chinese Cultural Center wants to make a difference for the greater good in ways that make peace through learning and ultimately change the world. 

  • We help young people to learn a new language and to explore an old culture. We keep our doors open to the best, the motivated, the curious and brightest regardless of where they came from.
  • We inspire young people to be global leaders with a force of curiosity, passion, ingenuity, creativity, discovery, compassion, and learn through the understanding of the Chinese language and culture.
  • We want to cultivate a multi-cultural diverse, and vibrant community by presenting the six arts of Confucianism (namely, Li, Yue, She, Yu, Shu, Shu)
  • With the Chinese Cultural Center, we want to inspire the next generation of learners, thinkers, artists, athletes, and leaders based on the six arts of Confucianism and also provide the resources needed for learning the Chinese language and culture.

Chinese Cultural Center Virtual Tour


 “The Six Arts” (rites(礼), music(乐), archery(射), charioteering(御), calligraphy(书), and arithmetic(数), which was what Confucius taught and advocated then, with the aim of expanding excellent Chinese traditional culture. CCC has not only applied these six arts to our daily life but to our cultural trainings.




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