Event Calendar

CCC provides a space to host visiting scholars, lecture series and exhibitions and is part of the university’s larger efforts to increase international and binational awareness, education and partnerships.In August, 2019 San Diego State launched a new Chinese Cultural Center (CCC). The Chinese Cultural Center is sponsored by the College of Education and supports cultural, historical, linguistic, artistic and political knowledge and awareness of China and the broader Asia Pacific Region. 




  • To provide opportunities for students and faculty to have first-hand information about the Chinese history and culture by having permanent and rotating exhibitions

  • To provide faculty opportunities to collaborate on join productions and research (theatre, television and film; history; climate; arts and designs; education; physical education; literature; hospitality and tourism; business; international business; public policies; international affairs; Asian studies and many others).

  • To provide opportunities for student interns to study about China and to study abroad (long term, short term, summer and winter programs)

  • To organize summer camp programs for students from China to establish pipeline for SDSU

  • To serve as a center for outreach and student recruitment for Chinese speaking world

  • To serve as a Consortium of SD County Schools for Chinese Culture Education

  • To serve as a conduit to work with universities across the Chinese-speaking world to develop joint degree programs

  • To provide Chinese cultural experiences for school students to visit the CCC