SDSU Black Educator Pipeline   

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The San Diego State University College of Education recognizes that increasing racial diversity among K-12 educators is critical to improving the wellness and prosperity of Black learners. Black educators are grossly underrepresented across all fields (i.e., teaching, special education, counseling, administration) in K-12 schools in California. The Black Educator Pipeline website seeks to improve representation among Black educators in San Diego-area schools by providing information and resources for prospective students. Learn more about becoming a meaningful leader and change agent in the K-12 school workforce.  



“The legacy I’d like to leave for the next generation of Black leaders is to do whatever in your power, in your realm, in your purpose, to ensure our children live out the full power of their magnificence.” – Lagra Newman (Founder and head of school at Purpose Preparatory Academy)

Did you know?
Black teachers make up just 7% of the teacher workforce. However, Black students account for 15% of all public school students in the U.S. – National Center for Education Statistics (2019)