The purposes of BESO are to advocate for bilingual education programs in schools and to advocate for bilingual education, promote enrichment opportunities, and provide resources for professional growth to future bilingual educators.

About BESO

A national movement that was birthed from activism and need.

  • Need to provide a space for Bilingual future educators to dialogue, grow, and learn from each other
  • Using a national platform to promote bilingualism and institutionalize it as a recognized national group
  • Getting bilingual teachers out of the shadows and into classroom
  • Working with teacher education programs around the U.S.
  • Embedding organization as part of education curriculum and practices


BESO people


A need to reshift higher education.

  • Increasing bilingual education teacher pipeline
  • Work with teacher education programs on the development of bilingual teachers
  • institutionalize as a university organization
    • BESO is a registered student organization
  • Community service and social justice centered
  • Increase national and international visibility through the formation of future bilingual teachers

Benefits of BESO

A Grow Your Own (GYO) model of education.

  • Advocacy
  • Leadership roles and skills
  • Professional development
  • Community work and volunteer
  • Creation of families and community
  • Networking around the nation and the world
  • Opportunities in and out of your state

Bilingual teachers

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Margarita Machado-Casas

Margarita Machado-Casas